The claim is a powerful trigger for switching

According to the Accenture Claims Customer Survey, 41% of customers that have submitted an insurance claim in the past two years are likely switch to another provider in the next 12 months.

Customers are quick to turn to social media

Approximately three out of 10 insurance customers have already shared their claims experience on social media, while four out of 10 read these reviews and base their insurance-buying decisions on them.

Caribou Honig CEO, 3rd Act Ventures Co-Founder, InsurTech Connect

Where does customer churn come from? I think it mostly comes from the claim side. (I suppose the other place it also comes from is the, “Hey, you can save 15 percent in 15 minutes,” so there’s a pricing thing.) But I think a lot of customer churn ends up being the result of dissatisfaction with the claims process – the claims experience.

David Pieffer Property & Casualty Lead for J.D. Power Insurance Intelligence

There also are areas for improvement where insurers could do a better job of managing customer expectations. As the industry keeps shifting toward more personalized, usage-based and on-demand insurance options, the ability to communicate effectively and make claimants feel at ease along the way will be a key differentiator for top-performing insurers.


Take the right approach to customer feedback

Businesses are becoming more customer-centric. Today’s insurance market leaders succeed by placing a premium on customer satisfaction and retention. With a modern approach to customer feedback, you can make the outstanding customer experience your competitive edge.

YOUDASK offers a full-featured solution for improving CX and aligning everyone around boosting customer happiness.​

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Build dashboards and gather intuitive insights to understand how customers feel about your service and identify opportunities to improve the customer experience.

Learn how YOUDASK can help you deliver great customer experiences

Business results

Improve customer retention rate

Refine your reputation in the social media

Establish long-term customer relationships

Develop excellent reputation in social media


Love your commercials and have strongly thought about making you my insurance company.


During a claim, the claim officer, and the supervisor were very cooperative. Immediate visit, quick survey, and fast processing were the highlights.


The service was far better than other insurance companies… it felt like one my friend is taking care of my insurance claims. I highly recommended this.


Excellent service and very good coordination from the claiming team were very helpful and made my claim process very easy and hassle-free procedure.


I was pleased with the entire process from beginning to end. Reporting the claim was quick and easy. Everyone I talked to handle themselves professionally.

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