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Get Client’s Reviews Automatically

Get customers reviews automatically with YoudAsk.

Decide how you wish to receive the notification - via text, a WiFi hotspot, or using a QR code.

You can set the criteria for evaluation, to the ones that relate best to your business.

Generate Social Reposts Simply

You can easily encourage your customers to share their feedbacks in any social network.

Receive your customer’s feedback, encourage them bonuses or gifts and get reposts! Set-up all this features quickly & easily in our system YoudAsk.

Develop Your Custom Loyalty Program

You can reward your customers for their shares in social networks.

Choose anything you need, gifts, discounts, bonuses, - YoudAsk will help to create your custom loyalty program and provide you timely reports for further database analytics.

Attract Clients Without High Expenses

Your customers encouraged by bonuses will be glad to share their posts in social networks. You will need no extra money to attract new users via viral effect.

Benefits for Your Business


Thanks to YoudAsk you can analyze your product or services with help of simple polling settings and rating system.
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Identify all strengths and weaknesses of your business. Use negative reviews to resolve emerging issues on time to enhance the quality of your goods and services.

Simple Way to Get Reviews

YoudAsk generates feedbacks and reviews automatically. You get real-time comments, reviews, and feedbacks. No need to use the services of call centers or hire specialists at high rates.
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Save your time and efforts to craft your marketing strategy with YoudAsk.

Viral marketing

Each single review has the potential to attract new clients, since people always prefer choosing a company recommended by one of their friends, over trusting someone they don’t know.
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Because reviews being sent in real time, you get the opportunity to react quickly and maintain a positive relationship with Your clients.

Loyalty formation

Develop your reputation on the market with the most positive reviews and feedbacks.
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Positive reviews make your customers take buying decisions faster with a higher average check.

How It Works

Get reviews automatically.

Due to fast access and user-friendly interface you can set up your own settings for generating reviews.

Analyze reviews in real time.

In case you receive negative reviews, they will be stored in YoudAsk database. You will get an instant notification about every negative review. Positive reviews are automatically published in social networks.

Set up your account fast and simple in real time.

You don’t need any downloads. Use YoudAsk web application to manage your account in any time and on any device.




reviews, feedbacks, and evaluations

made by new customers

reposts in social networks

that lead to your website

new users

who take a buying decision once they read a repost


loyal clients

Case Studies

e-cigarettes online store
150 clients
left reviews via YoudAsk
1500 people
visited the store after reading a review
150 people
made a purchase after following a review link
420 USD
cost of using YoudAsk
7 500 USD
income after publishing reviews with YoudAsk
50 USD
average check


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I will definitely visit this place with my friends!!!
What a place! Perfect cuisine and service...
ast delivery and high quality services...
Atmosphere is fantastic 5*
Recommend this restaurant to those who like...
Delivery was delayed, but I was offered a discount...

Simple Settings

YoudAsk is designed with a clear interface to make the process of setting up your system easy and simple. You won’t need to learn some extraordinary things or hire specialists to get started.

Desktop App

Our friendly customer’s team of customer support is always ready to help you with possible questions while management program or management it.

Useful Tips

Useful prompts will help you set up all functionalities and options on your own.

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